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Pre-screening of Peppermint – Film Review

I love movies where there is a female lead, that is not a damsel in distress, waiting for some prince to sweep her off her feet and ‘save her’. Jennifer Garner is not someone I would think about when I envision a kick-ass slay kween, because she always has those girl-next-door movie roles that kinda makes you fall in love with her. Yes even the woman. 

But she certainly proved that she is a lot more versatile than we thought. I don’t want to go all political and make this post drift on into a deep, dark hole of how there is no justice anymore. So let me just say this, this movie makes me want to go rouge and fix what is broken! Take justice into my hands and make things right! 

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here.

Here is a also a short video from the pre-screening I attended at Hyde Park.

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