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Schwartzkopf Spoilt Us – Saxon Hotel

I was invited to attend the Swartzkopf launch of Long-lasting Improved Hair Quality Gliss product: The revolution in Hair Repair. 

The packaging it so beautiful and the scent is best described as Out of the World! We went through all of the benefits of these products and how deeply nourishing it is, how it penetrates the hair and the hair bed for the best possible results. They destroyed one of those myths that most adverts want us to believe, that their product can magically reconnect split ends… nothing can! But this product promises to protect hair from splitting in the first place. 

The best thing you can do for healthy hair, is to live a healthy lifestyle, look after your hair with good products and limiting styling damages. I am so keen to try these products and upon my return from my wonderful yet, chilly vacation, I came home to a gorgeous package with these incredible products so I will be using these from today! 

I am so excited to try these products! Just look at it

A gigantic THANK YOU for these awesome spoils! I cannot wait to treat my hair with these products. Feeling ultra spoilt since the gorgeous Saxon Hotel breakfast weeks ago to the huge surprise when I got back from my trip! 

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