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She made a T-shirt with my face on it! Mama I made it!

Talent is such a special thing, so creative in its own way. It could have similarities but at the end of the day, it’s unique to each of us. Sometimes we get used to our own talents, that they don’t seem as special anymore. But we need to start realising that we are a lot more special than we give ourselves credit for.

I love how artists inteprets the things they see. And a long time ago, Aaisha mentioned to me that she draws, and I remember the day she sent me a photo she had drawn of me! I felt so special. She didn’t’ think anything of it but fast-forward a few months later, I was pleasantly surprised when she tagged me on a photo of a t-shirt she had made with my face and blog name on it!!!

It wasn’t only that my face was drawn on a t-shirt, but rather that she found that little spark within herself to pursue her dreams! She finally realised that she had a unique talent and that she believed in herself enough to create something special. Me being a part of her dream is what made this so much more beautiful to me and I truly believe that she will prosper in this journey. God Willing.


If you would like to buy this limited edition Bonafide tee, please head over to my online store. She is located in Cape Town but she will be shipping nationwide.

Also, please do give her a follow HERE because she makes more than just t-shirts. If you do purchase the Bonafide t-shirts, please tag me because it would make my day seeing you all with my face on your chests! haha

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