Some are luckier than others, but not for the reasons you’d think

Not because they were born into a rich family and seemingly have everything they want

Not because of beauty that is to behold 

No. Because all of that could mean nothing at all, 

Luckier… because they found something that makes them feel truly happy. 

How many people have you come across that is surrounded by worldly possessions and yet they feel unfulfilled? 

How many people do find undeniably beautiful, nothing short of perfect, but they stare into the mirror not feeling an ounce of worth? 

We don’t get to choose what we have, most times. But somewhere along the line we find ourselves and we learn about the things that make us incandescently happy, something indescribable because it’s a feeling, and how does one describe a feeling? 

Those who are deemed luckier has found an atom of purpose in this life that just seems to go on for others. A spark, a shift… the meaning of life, maybe? 

Imagine finding what your soul is naturally drawn to and being able to describe or express that, it would be a form of art in itself. I’ve seen it so many times already; people who write songs and sing it as though they are creeping into your mind with their words, people who paint pictures of things we could not only imagine or dream was possible… 

Pure, real, talent… but talent seems so weak a word… they found… purpose? No, MAGIC! 

They are magic!

But we also find those that seek magic… see the magic in others and it’s like their lives standstill. They praise and almost worship others because they too want the feeling of… euphoria? But imagine realising that magic in yourself?? Imagine the feeling of finding what you’re truly great at! What your purpose is! What your MAGIC is?! 

What is it holding us back from exploring our souls? When we so willingly follow others along the journey on the pursuit of their dreams and we are literally…fans. 

With everything in life, there should be a balance. A hater (as per societal terms) for every fan is somewhat necessary to restore our humility? 

But most times people frown upon our ideas because they don’t understand the vision, they don’t understand what we’re aiming to achieve. So, is our only purpose in life to be understood? Or to explore the crazy ideas and end up on a journey to finding meaning and purpose to our own lives? 

So many people make excuses as to why it won’t work out because people tell us what we dream is impossible, right? And we believe them? 

We give in to the discomfort of proving to ourselves that what we dream is IMPOSSIBLE? But why do we do that? To keep our advisors, our judges or our haters happy? So we seem to be understood because we are just like everybody else? 

What happened to try and failing to prove to ourselves that it wasn’t a great idea? Because sometimes, not very often, but sometimes… life surprises us, and things work out far better than we thought it would. Imagine we didn’t take that extra step? Imagine if all the strange ideas were muted based on what ‘normal people’ thought about them initially, back when it didn’t make sense? We’d still be living in caves!

I always think about how things came about, like how did man figure out that cooked meat would taste better than fresh, raw meat? Did the raw meat just fall into an open fire and someone decided they should still eat it? I don’t even want to get started on eggs… yup we all know where they come from. I’m sure the first time people mentioned some of the things we find ‘normal’ was once frowned upon but the difference is, that brave person tried it anyway and it changed the way we live, and still does, hundreds of years later. 

Who gets to distinguish what is beautiful, from what isn’t? 

Where is this book that prescribes what our weight should be or the pigment ratio,  to our skin? 

Who defines what wealth is? When all the riches in the world cannot buy what is truly worth cherishing. 

I often just sit and wonder what makes me happy. What I truly want to do with all this time I’ve been given. Where am I headed? Because there is certainly no shortage of images being thrown at me every waking moment of what I should be chasing. 

There is a multitude of people chasing a facade because it’s what we are accustomed to every day. 

Do you actually want the stuff you see on social media? Sadly some are so off track from what they’ve always dreamt of because they’re chasing what they see on the internet. We’ve become so programmed that we don’t even realise it. 

We all have those moments. We all wanted to be famous at one point in our lives, couldn’t hurt? But have you ever seen the dark side of fame? (Do yourself a favour). 

There is a downside to the every choice we make in life, and it comes back to the balance I mentioned earlier… balance is important. 

According to the universe every aspect of life is based on a wheel of balance. There are factors that need to be balanced or the wheel won’t turn… we will never find true happiness without balance because our souls need a lot more than one factor. 

However, that’s a topic for another day 🙂 

Peace be with you all. xx

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  1. Brent says:

    Wow, how you have grown, keep doing what you do!

    1. Tazz says:

      You’re awesome! Thank you for the comment! Means the world

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