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Summer Pool Party – Ramkiki – Farm House Restaurant – Weddings- Conferencing

Summer Pool Party – Ramkiki – Farm House Restaurant – Weddings- Conferencing

When I think of summer, I think of Mocktails at the pool, unicorn pool floats, great music and some really good company.

Ramkiki is a such a great venue hidden in Honeydew. Just a few kilometres after Clearwater Mall.

I remember looking for wedding venues with a friend a couple years ago and this venue has not only upgraded but they’ve opened the venue up to so many more possibilities for business.

Whether you’re looking for a venue for a quick meeting, chilling at the pool, looking to book a conference or host your entire wedding, and pre-celebratory events or to book a quick little getaway, Ramkiki can host it all.

They have several rooms, a restaurant and a beautiful pool area, what more can you ask for?

The pool party had such a great vibe and it was like being on holiday, on a Thursday. It is far enough from the city to escape that hustling city life but close enough so you know you need to head back to reality after a relaxing day.

They were kind enough to gift us all with vouchers, so I’m definitely heading back there very soon, to redeem it. The one thing I’m just not sure about, is what I will be splurging my gift card on, whether I would like to go to the restaurant and eat myself into a food coma, whether I would like to book a room and enjoy the resort, or whether I would like to use one of their incredible venues for a Bonafide event. So many options!

But why don’t you check out their awesome website and see for yourself…

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