Sunday Funday – Muddy Puppy with Rameez

The Muddy Puppy is an experience that will definitely get you excited for the day out with your four-legged friends and we’re certainly looking forward to the next one already.

We had to crawl, climb, jump, slip, slide, wag,
bark and even endure a little bit of mud to make it across the finish
line. There were colour powder stations and shower stations and simply a ton of fun at every step of the day!

This was the perfect activity for my dog that loves the outdoors and
being active.

The atmosphere was great, warm. The perfect gathering for dog lovers and to have a 
lil dog party. Pedigree reps definitely need a medal as it was nothing short of amazing. 

Get Dirty

Get Friendly


This event needs to be more of a regular occurrence! 





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