Textile Industry Pollution & Relocating to a different city

With everything happening in the world with pollution and climate control. I constantly read up on how I can minimize my carbon footprint, my waste and research better ways of recycling and reusing.

I’ve also learnt that the textile industry is one of the top five in polluting our world. I’ve starting looking at everything that I have, everything I need and of that, what I actually use in my day to day.

Apart from clothing and shoes, and bags, etc. I have accumulated “stuff”. I always thought I have a minimalistic approach in life, for example, when I buy new clothes I usually give away a bunch of stuff, and I also have not done any shopping for new clothes in a very long time. But somehow, I feel like I have more stuff than I need or use.

With everything that has happened this year, I really started considering how short life really is. We focus our days on slaving away because we need our jobs, we need stability and we need peace of mind and of course happiness. I question myself more often recently, if the life I’m living is truly enough. I feel like a lot of us have asked ourselves that, this year?

With that said, it has been a life-long dream of mine, to move to a city that is ALIVE! Packed with tons of adventure and I would be able to explore a different direction every day if I chose. One that has an ocean, forests, beautiful landscapes and even cityscapes as well. I’m looking for somewhat of a happily ever after kind of life. To truly see the blessing of waking up every morning.

I have made the bold decision of trying my absolute best to relocate before another year goes by and I’ve chosen one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town. I am thrilled with the thought of the possibilities that awaits!

With this decision, I have a lot to consider, but first. . . my stuff!

I want to do away with 90% of my possessions and also find a place for me, occasionally my mom, and my best fur-baby , Duke. He is my ten year old Labrador and probably one of the biggest reasons for wanting to move as well. I can’t imagine the joy he would have running on the shore with me at sunrise or sunset or exploring the many coffee shops along the beach with him. Hiking on the mountain tops and simply, the adventures we could take together.

I wanted to make this post for two reasons…

One, the proclamation of the relocation, to the universe, so that it is embedded into my journey and somewhat of a manifestation in writing.

Two, because I could use some help. It has proven to be very difficult and expensive to find a place that would allow for my dog to be with me. I need some advice about good, safe areas, and word-of-mouth info on pet-friendly places.

Back to textiles, and previously loved items. I plan on giving some of my previously loved items to charity so please do let me know it there are people in need.

Some of the new(er) items I would like to sell, make a little extra money to get some of the things I actually need on the other side and make this move a little easier on the pocket. So that is the plan. I think it sounds a lot more simple than it’s going to be, but I have a few weeks.

Please leave me a comment, or a DM on my social media if you have any tips or advice for me. Especially if you know of places to rent with my fur baby.

This journey is not going to be easy, but I know that when we work for something, and give it our all, it’s usually worth that much more!

Wish me luck!


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