The BIG Lockdown – Corona Time / Covid-19

I must say I was extremely proud of the quick action taken by our government when it came to managing Covid-19. I was then of course highly disappointed in the response of the people of South Africa. There were numerous videos of ‘backlash’ and rebel after the decision was made.

I think Earth needed a little reset and a cleanse from the human race and surprisingly enough, that is exactly what we were forced to grant. With the pandemic, came a lot of really positive things:

  • Less Pollution
  • Cleaner environments
  • Better Hygiene
  • Better quality and timely prayers
  • Family Bonds are stronger (sometimes)
  • Friendship appreciation
  • Less wastage
  • Self Reflection
  • Animals are freer
  • Habitats are recuperating
  • The ozone layer is healing!
  • Earth just seems to be healing herself… which is something I wish we could keep allowing because humans certainly do a lot in excess.

Humans have proven time and time again, that we are the virus! I think Earth has been yearning for a reset like this for many years, but we have just overwhelmed and inundated her with a ton of bad habits, what the lockdown has forced, is something I wish we could have realized and done sooner. The sad part is that there is now a deadly virus forcing this, but nonetheless, we need to adapt.

Our lockdown, in South Africa, has now extended for another two weeks, which ends at the end of April. But the curve has still not flattened, and I cannot see that would, in fact, be the end of the lockdown. Also, I think that Earth needs more time to recoup. I cannot see us going back to our ‘normalities’ after the lawful ban to go out, because there has been no ‘clear’ for us to go out yet, and if anything the cases are still rolling in exponentially.

Though our cases show a slower increase of infected cases, the global pandemic has not really slowed down. I understand that the pandemic is greatly affecting our economy and as a business owner, I feel the huge impact on my investments. Everything is at a standstil.

I am truly grateful to still be working in these times, and feel so much for those without. We are learning to share what we have with each other and I am so overjoyed with everyone chiming in to help where they can.

On that topic, I will be adding some pretty accessories to my store, available for purchase. 25% of all the profit proceeds will be donated to relief funds during this time. There is a saying that charity begins at home. Our neighbourhood patrol officials have helped so many of its residents, from domestic violence cases, crime or simply goodwill for the aged, to name a few of the many things they do for us.

During this lockdown period, they have been running errands and picking up/ dropping off necessities to people around the neighborhood and they are still constantly patrolling to make sure everything is sheltered, fed and healthy. I’ve seen numerous posts where they managed to get medical assistance to people potentially contracting the virus. They risk their lived every day, to protect ours. They also do this on a goodwill basis. They’ve been doing collections during lockdown to continue with all the good work they are doing.

Therefore the bulk of the proceeds from the items sold will go to BCP. Please do show your support by buying some items in our store 🙂 (new items will be up soon).

Items purchased will be packaged and stored until the lockdown has been lifted, so please expect a delay in receiving the products purchased. There is a limited amount of stock as I am not able to go out but I would like to make all the effort I am able to with the stock I have. All the items are hand-crafted and designed by myself and my team. Online purchasing is also super convenient with PayFast so you know it is safe and secure.

I hope to be a little more active on the blog and hopefully find interesting things for your guys to read and partake in. Please do let me know if there is something specific you’d like me to cover over the next few months.

Sending warm hugs as we approach winter and the hope that you are all, warm, happy, have a full belly and realise now, more than ever, how important you all are.

Be brave,

Be strong,

Be kind.

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