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Touring Steyn City x Hello Recommends

Touring Steyn City x Hello Recommends

By now I hope that you have all watched my vlog touring Steyn City.

If not, please do and leave me some comments, about what you think.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love new experiences. Seeing new places, trying new things and having the opportunity of finding a new perspective on life. 

Attending these blogging events is like having an exclusive opportunity to experience a different side of a place, a product or just the experience, in itself. I feel very blessed, because it’s not just about getting a bunch of free stuff, it is about having my readers live vicariously through me. 

I love having the ability to take you on a journey with me, even though we are miles apart. I am also getting into the vlogging game and trying my best to get you guys a front row seat to any of the amazing things I get up to. 

Steyn City is a city on its own. From normal golf estates, it is expected that there would be a club house, a pro shop, maybe a salon, but to have a top line equestrian centre and school, beautiful oasis to outdoor training facilities, just to name a few of the incredible offers. The vision of Steyn City is actually unfathomable, somebody sat there thinking about every little detail and how to make it a futuristic reality. 

From beautiful apartments and grey water, there is very little waste and the grounds are lush, green and beautiful. In my vlog I speak a little bit about how Nelson Mandela, physically, helped plant a bunch of trees in the park, you get to see some of the art in the city that was crafted right there, especially for Steyn City. 

It is mind blowing! 


There is a little something for everyone, of all ages, and you don’t even have to leave your ‘backyard’ or use your car to enjoy pristine living and recreation. Also minimising on pollution. Do yourself a favor and check out the virtual tour on their website.

It does not compare to being there, but I have honestly never seen anything like Steyn City. It is so ‘clean’, pristine and simply… a better way of living. Any lifestyle that minimises waste and pollution is especially great for the environment. 

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