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Special Blog Moments of 2018

I’ve started this blog platform in April 2017 and prior to that, you all know the story about how my blogging career  started so not going to get into it again. But it’s always a struggle starting something new, because you don’t know how people will react. 

A lot of my friends, that follow my online journey was taken aback when I changed over from 80sJoziGirl to Bonafide Blog, but I feel that the change was necessary and once people got used to it, it was received well. Thanks again to my loyal friends and followers!!! 

Now for some of the cool moments that happened with my blog this year…

I was overjoyed to find out that was the RubyBox Blogger of the Month in October! That certainly was an awesome moment for me. 


I was also recently selected as one the nominees of SA Blogger Awards for the following categories:

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Photography Blog

Had my first radio interview with the amazing Howard Feldman on Chai FM.

Made my first Magazine debut. It was really cool and surreal to see myself in a magazine. A photo that was taken at one of the events I attended. I received a bunch of messages from my family and friends when they saw it. It was a lovely surprise. 

Had some cool meetings and interviews. Felt a sense of accomplishment to have been able to meet some of the incredible people I either used to listen to, growing up, or that is making waves recently. 

These are only a few of the amazing things I’ve done this year and to see something that I started on my own, flourish, is truly an amazing feeling. I also say that, not to gloat or brag but in true appreciation for the moments that made me feel just a little more special this year.

I hope that you are celebrating your accomplishments from this past year and looking forward to the many more I am praying we will all have. 

I wish you all the most incredible year ahead and that you will have many more moments filled with love and joy. I am looking forward to learning and experiencing more amazing things in the days that lie ahead. I am going to manifest doing more and exploring more because with experience comes wisdom and a zest for life that you cannot replace with anything else. 

I am not somebody who makes resolutions but I do set goals for myself and aim to make teeny tiny steps until I achieve those goals. This year I made a vision board and a whole lot more goals. Some goals I’ve set have not been met in the last few years and I am not going to mindlessly put the same goals on a board hoping to miraculously obtain in,this year, I am actually going to make things happen. 

When we realise how much time and effort we waste, we would take things a little more seriously. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well and know that YOU need to believe in Yourself and in your goals before you will find yourself on the way to the finish line. 

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