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Closed. WIN with Bonafide x Loving Touch Shaving Razors Range

Closed. WIN with Bonafide x Loving Touch Shaving Razors Range

Hello and Happy Monday! 

What a manic Monday it has been! Hope that you all had an incredible day today and that the weekend has been good to you?

I am excited to bring this new competition to you before the end of summer! This year, summer is swiftly disappearing and I am holding onto every last moment of it. I had fully intended on swimming this weekend but the weather was a little shy but I was ready for action! 

With this incredible competition in collaboration with Loving Touch, you will be bikini ready in absolutely no time at all! They’ve launched their awesome new range and it not only makes you feel silky smooth and hair free but also leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft. 

In this gigantic hamper, up for grabs, you will win the entire range and a pool floatie (swan/ angel wings). 

Read all about the incredible range below.

Summer Smooth Loving Touch shaving range

Loving Touch shaving blades, disposable razors and shaving preps, with a range for both women and teenagers, offers quality solutions at an affordable price.  Yours in Shaving!

Summer calls for flawless bikini lines, smooth underarms and silky legs – no stubble allowed.  So with the lure of beach days and poolside parties, the hunt for the perfect summer shave has begun.  If you’re a sucker for a good bargain, but you aren’t prepared to compromise on quality, Loving Touch is your ticket to #summersmooth.  It’s locally produced and offers great quality shaving solutions at a price you’ll love.   

What a shave!

The Loving Touch Allure triple titanium blade razor’s advanced design, with a firm, comfortable grip and swivel head, gives you a close and comfortable shave.  As you shave it follows your curves comfortably to prevent nicks or cuts.  A soothing Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip reduces irritation and moisturisers as you shave for ultra-soft skin. Don’t forget to replace blades regularly with Loving Touch Allure cartridges.  

There’s also a Loving Touch Teenz twin blade disposable razor in Softgrip or Crystals that’s perfect for busy teenagers that are on the move.  The Teenz range comes with its own Shaving Gel and Foam to keep your teenager’s skin safely protected from nicks and cuts – every shave.

The perfect prep

Shaving with soap is convenient but clogs up the razor blade.  Create a smooth and cushioned surface over the skin, for smooth razor glide to prevent irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  The prettily packaged Loving Touch shaving gels and foams lather up richly for a comfy shave, leaving skin feeling and smelling fresh.

Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

Loving Touch Foams & Gels

Loving Touch Sensitive Foam and Gel, R43.99 for 200ml

Loving Touch Razor Handles & Blades

Loving Touch Allure – Triple Blade Razor, R38,99 includes 2 razor cartridges

Loving Touch Allure – Pack of 3 Allure triple blade razor cartridges for R24,99

Loving Touch Disposable Razors

Loving Touch Glam – Triple Blade Disposable Razors, R31.99

For Teens

Loving Touch Teenz Crystals – Twin Blade Disposable Razors, R16.99

Loving Touch Teenz Softgrip – Twin Blade Disposable Razors, R23.99

Loving Touch Teenz Invigorating Shaving Gel, R43.99 for 200ml

Loving Touch Teenz Hydrating Shave Creme, R31.99 for 200ml

Consumer Care Line: 0860 546 600

Facebook:  Loving Touch Shave

Lion Match

To win this incredible prize, all you have to do is…

  1. Comment on this blog post, Why you would like to win this hamper
  2. Upload your favourite summer moment to Instagram
  3. Tag me (@tazzadams) in your post 
  4. Use the #Hashtag #BonafideXLionMatch 

Remember that if you Like, Share, Comment and Engage on all social platforms and posts, you stand a better chance of winning! 

Please note that only users that are Following @tazzadams on Instagram will be considered for this prize. 

Competition closes on 3 March 2018. Winners will be announced 5 March 2018.


Congratulations ? to our lucky winner!

5 thoughts on “Closed. WIN with Bonafide x Loving Touch Shaving Razors Range

  1. I would love to win this hamper as I love super smooth supply skin but don’t always end up with one as I get cuts from some razors I’ve tried. So that left me with waxing as my best option but that means I don’t have super silky skin everyday because I need to wait an entirr week for the hair to grow a bit to wax. I would be delighted if I could win this. It could make a world of a difference to my life. With my hectic schedule I will have 1 less thing to worry about. I really hope to win.

  2. I would love to win this hamper because i would my skin to be soft and smooth and nourished, so that i wear by bikini i will be flawless and glowing in the beach, have been looking for such product for a long time and tried many but none of them worked, so i believe that this products will do magic on my skin.

  3. I’ve been using loving touch for so long and I’m just so in-love with the product. It’ll be great to win this product. 🙂
    I’ll use the floatie every day of summer as I’m a huge water baby and spend 80% of summer free time in our pool.


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