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Healthy skin and hair starts with shower care and a brand I have trusted through the years, has been Dove. Dove has never stopped improving their formula’s and adding more and more moisturising oils and essence to create products that are gentle and good for your skin and hair.

They have added shea butter to their classic Beauty Cream Bar and it is so creamy, you just know that it is actually good for you, even after your shower, your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight as though it is screaming for body lotion. Therefore, a healthy skin care routine starts with great, nourishing products that feed your skin with the goodness it needs.

Credit: My nephew (cutest hand model)

Summer has very quickly left us and I didn’t even realise that winter was upon us until I felt how dry and pale my hands were! Something you immediately notice the moment you meet someone, also the one thing you cannot really hide because, well, we do everything with our hands.

It has always been a huge deal for me to have soft, nourished hands and it is somewhat of a struggle every winter. Since discovering Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment, it has become my holy grail of winter! RubyBox and Dove has put together a Winter Pamper Hamper and I couldn’t be more thankful! Every product in the hamper is packed with all the goodness our hair and bodies need, especially in the dry and harsh winter air.

I’ve touched (pun intended) briefly on the Hand Treatment above, it is quite thin, extremely creamy and absorbs almost completely into your skin so it doesn’t leave any greasy or oily residue. You skin feels immediately more smooth and silky soft. I could honestly go on about this hand cream for an entire day but trust me, it is a true game-changer! I’ve never found anything like this in other hand-treatments and one would have to be made, to match its goodness.

Moving on to underarm with Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant. As we all pack on the clothes the colder it gets, we need a deodorant that will fight through all those layers and leave us feeling fresh and dry. Invisible Dry has been tested on 100 colours so you never have to worry about your beautiful garments getting ruined by deodorant anymore. The spray bottle is also extra gentle and packed with moisturising cream so isn’t like other deodorant that wet your entire underarm and clothes as it goes on. It also keeps your underarm dry throughout the day.

Moving on to something that also tends to feel that climate change, our hair. A healthy, nourished scalp is what allows our hair to grow faster and for our hair to not only look good, but feel good as well. Over the years and trying my way through different products and brands, my skin started feeling a little more sensitive to the harsher products, usually filled with too many ingredients and a few chemicals. I’ve found that Dove is the gentlest on my scalp, my hair and my hands.

I once had a reaction to a shampoo I used and my hands started burning like crazy and went intensely red with inflammation. We don’t always realise how harsh a product can be until it scars or burns us and we’re forced to learn the hard way. I switched back to Dove and now using the Nourishing Oil Care- Daily conditioning treatment -with NUTRI oils and with this campaign, I am trying the Treatment Mask with NUTRI oils, as well. It is vital to treat your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a week and this one is not heavy or oily. There is nothing worse than having a product that is so intense it makes your hair feel heavy after you dry it or one that makes your hair appear dirty because the oil is just sitting on your hair strands, clumping them together.

RubyBox and Dove has given me the opportunity to join this awesome campaign, to not only, try these products but to also give some gorgeous Pamper Hampers to my friends and readers. Their chance to experience this incredible range of products as well.


BY Nadia Nel

I have always seen the invisible dry alcohol free antiperspirant Spray Deodorant but never understood what all the fuss was about, until I started using it. I was given a pack of Dove goodies to review and Oh man am I a believer. It’s so gentle on your skin, feels as though it makes your armpits softer somehow.  Derma spa goodness for dry skin: This hand treatment most definitely works from your first try. It feels creamy, makes your skin feel softer and smells delicious at the same time. The best part is that it’s not oily just moisturises your hands. Soap bar – shea butter: I always enjoyed using the original dove but I think I can honestly say I’m exploring the new flavours, scents of the Dove soap range?? Yummmm and it leaves you smelling good and super clean all day. Treatment mask hair: After you shampoo rinse your hair well and apply the mask to you wet hair. Leave it in and brush out your hair. Feel how soft your hair feels, rinse well and you need not apply conditioner. The Dove mask leaves your hair feeling healthy, clean and smells so good you’d want to eat it. Do this once a week and use the Conditioner for everyday use. Though I would recommend washing your hair every other day. It allows your hair and scalp to produce its natural oils slower, washing your hair everyday promotes excessive production of oils…in other words, your hair gets greasy quicker.

BY Naziela Gangat

Wow, thank you so much Tazz Adams and Dove for sending me these awesome products to try. The antiperspirant deodorant keeps me dry and soft all day and has a nice fresh smell that lasts and lasts. The Shea butter and Derma Spa products give my hands and skin a lovely soft velvety feel… Loving it. The Nourishing oil Care Hair products are absolutely amazing and perfect for my frizzy hair especially  during these winter months… Now I have beautiful shiny hair that does not frizz. With all these wonderful products … I feel spoiled and pampered every day. Yours Sincerely, Naz

BY Wady Adams

I have always used Dove bar soap, underarm spray and body lotion the normal, but the different ‘flavours’ now…just love it!  The soap leaves your skin feeling soft as always and the new formula with shea butter smells divine and your skin feeling really soft. The spray is sure invisible dry, as it doesn’t stain your clothes and it keep you fresh all day and smelling awesome.  Derma Spa Goodness, well always suffering with dry skin, I can definitely say I found the answer in Derma spa Goodness for dry skin, it keeps my skin soft, smells amazing and moist all day long.  Treatment Conditioning Mask: I have tried the Nourishing oil care after  shampooing and while my hair is still wet, and then brushing my hair, it feels so soft and  it is so much more manageable.. Once I’ve rinsed the product off well, I apply the Nourishing oil care, which feels incredibly soft, clean and beautiful. My hair feels and smells amazing… Thank you Dove and Tazz for awesome goodies!


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