Yardley London SA- Bond ST No.8 -For MEN (Turquoise)

Yardley – Bond ST No.8 For MEN( Turquoise) 

I know I’ve said it many times before but I simply LOVE when somebody smells good! It makes them about 100 times more attractive! 

Yardley just launched their latest Bond ST cologne for men and it smells basically the same as it looks…Fresh! In my humble opinion, it is my favorite scent in the Bond ST range so far. I love an out-of-shower, cool scent that has that subtle hint of muskiness and this is one of those scents. It smelt so good to me that I wasn’t entirely sure it was even for men! 

The Bond ST is known for its musky scents and when I saw the beautiful, beachy vibe of the packaging I couldn’t wait to tear in to smell the actually perfume. It is so aesthetically pleasing and with my beach inspired room decor, it goes perfectly. Okay, I know I’m supposed to be focussing on the scent but just look at this Bronze and Turquoise beauty! 

I took this incredibly basic photo because I don’t think this stunning packaging needs much else? My photo was surprisingly featured on the official Yardley London SA page on Instagram and I can hardly take the credit because… Look at it!

This cologne also comes with a deodorant so you don’t have to mix your stunning scent with anything else to stay fresh. It is always a struggle trying not to mix up your different products in your everyday routine and now you don’t have to… Score!

The Bond ST perfumes and colognes are extremely affordable and they retail at most drugstores like Clicks. Because with these perfumes a little goes a long way, you are really getting a lot of value for your money. I have three of the Bond ST perfumes and I’ve been using them for months, they are far from running out, yet I use a tiny bit, often, and receive a ton of compliments whenever I wear them. 

I definitely suggest that you go and try the Bond ST range of perfumes and colognes and give this new Turquoise cologne a little whiff the next time you pass by a Clicks store.

Thank me later 😉

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