Young Incredibles – Interviewing Jesse Casanova

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Young Incredibles – Interviewing Jesse Casanova

Ever wish you could design something awesome, that makes you a ton of money so you live the rest of your life spending your money and busking in all the glory of your creation? Did you daydream about it as a kid? I know I sure did! 

Now imagine all those daydreams becoming a reality before you even hit 18 years old! For Jesse, it’s happening right now! I am in awe at the fact that he created something that millions of people are going to want to use. To have not only created an application (App) but to have created a platform to connect millions of people around the world. To give young individuals the opportunity to witness dreams coming true. To have hope and to trust the thoughts we have because, like I keep preaching, we are Powerful Beyond Measure! I say this all the time and it’s people like Jesse proving exactly that! 

I am super excited for the launch of the App and to finally get a glimpse of what the mind of a millennial can create! 

I’m sure all of you are thinking, what I’m thinking… How can I become like this potential Billianaire?

Well that’s exactly why I wanted to interview him as well. Here is what we discussed…


  1. Would you like to give us some insight to your app? Get us up to speed with regards to the road that led you here

After I quit my job in advertising, I started a small advertising agency in 2017.  It was an extremely hard year for businesses in general which led me to start developing an application (app). I needed to find the smartest way possible to create success and wealth in my life without having to answer to clients who didn’t share my creative vision.

I thought to myself, how does one go about creating something so wonderful, so magical, that it can automatically touch and change the lives of millions of people. I wanted an app prototype that looked at the idea of how to go about revolutionising the digital world of advertising. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I’ve created a social media app that I believe has turned the idea of social media and our understanding of it, on its head.

The best way to explain what my application is without giving away any of its various exclusive details is: 

Imagine having all the best features of Pokémon Go, Snapchat, Twitter, Google Maps, Yelp, Periscope, Uber, Angry Birds, Instagram and Candy Crush all rolled into one app that’s not only fun to use and aesthetically pleasing, but also a great platform for business”?

  1. What was the inspiration behind the app? How long did the development take?

What honestly inspired me to create the app was my desire to create something that could be enjoyed by everyone, a metaphysical and physical organism.  A product that finally strives towards adding value into this world in a way that has never been seen before. A platform that has the ability to positively influence the world around us.

Our biggest aim was to bridge the divide between real life and virtual reality. We figured ‘negative’ social media platforms are always going to be around, so we might as well figure out how to create a positive social media experience that is fun to use and has the potential to make life and business a whole lot more interesting.

I developed it by myself for a year until I required more funding. Thankfully I have managed to find investors who believe in my product as much as I do. The planning process around such a

complex and interesting concept took a year.

I might be setting up headquarters in China very soon. I am currently in contact with Tencent, with the desire of picking up another strategic partnership that will help us effectively distribute our product in China as well as the rest of the world.

Our global launch date is early 2019, so don’t worry I will keep dropping clues until our global pre-launch which should take place as soon as December 2018. I won’t be giving away all the details of our app until its global launch next year.

  1. With anything being created, there is a lot of trial and error, what kept you going when you were close to giving up?

It’s funny how your lowest moments lead towards your greatest highs. Anyone who wants to achieve their goals should ultimately focus on how to generate and attract more positivity, love and opportunity into their life. These are the things that will keep you sane in an insane world.


  1. Where do you want to launch first? Do you now have a team of people assisting you with getting this app to go global?

We have two aggressive user acquisition advertising campaigns that will simultaneously take place in China as well as the United States of America. We also have an extremely aggressive Global PR approach which will help us position ourselves towards the global market in various top-level news publications. We are also looking at the prospect of getting involved with a few influencers.

What I am most proud of are our artwork development teams as well as our in-house marketing and production teams. I am very happy about being able to bring such wonderful people who inspire me to work together and make nothing less than magic in this world.


  1. Tell us more about the Investors Market in China. How do you feel your app is different to other social media platforms when it comes to the likeliness of China banning a lot of the apps from the USA?

The app is revolutionary because it doe not depend on algorithms for its functionality. Despite this, it will completely revolutionize the way that people share and explore content.

The only reason American apps are banned in China is because there are no Chinese citizens that sit on their board. This is why we strategically went out to seek Chinese partnership, so we would legally be allowed to operate within China.


  1. The boundaries of privacy and permissibility that is pushed by other app’s like Facebook and the likes, how ‘’safe” is your app for those potentially willing to download your app?

 I don’t want to tarnish the trust of my users by negatively using their data. The whole point of our app is to freely and fairly distribute power so if anything, all I would want to do is give all the user data to our users to help them make their business and lives better.

There will be a mandate in place that only allows us to use this data to help make other users’ businesses better while maintaining user privacy.  


  1. Do you have stakeholder/ investor/ collaboration opportunities?

Yes, we have many but at this point I do not want to reveal much more information than this, what is important is that our app and our marketing development campaigns are underway.


Former Student at VEGA [ a Brand of the Independant Institute  of Education- The IIE]

  1. Share with us a little background of your day -to-day life?

Pray, meditate, gym, learn, work, sleep, repeat.


  1. List 3 jobs you have had after school?

I used to work as a teacher in a home school called The Academy where I taught technology part-time. At this point I never even thought that I might have a business in technology. 

I also used to work at a DVD store in order to pay for my petrol to get to varsity, before joining a creative agency.

  1. Growing up, what were your career aspirations?

I wanted to create a business that could change lives, minds, ideologies and beliefs in such a way that it would inspire and help our civilization jump into new realms of thinking.

The old world is dying, and a new world is being built in its place. I always promised myself that I would be at the forefront of our global revolution, and here I am however many steps closer to doing it in a way that I couldn’t even imagine five years ago.


  1. Many people are not happy with the fact that technology is taking over the world. To some extent, things are more convenient but at the cost of seeing the world through a tech screen. Often putting off living in the moment and enjoying the finer things in life. What is your take on this?

Technology is always going to be around, so Tech companies should be smart and figure out how to holistically merge their products with our day to day lives in such a way that the technology does not detract away from the fleeting moments that pass within our life.

Technology should figure out how to get people out into the world and how to inspire and challenge people to get into the world and live their lives in the best most positive ways possible.

How we bridge this technological divide in such a way that we can create harmony between our real life and digital worlds.

If every social media company made it their mission to change their algorithms to blast nothing but positivity into the world, what do you think the result would be?


  1. When was the last time you spent more than 48 hours without any sort of technology?

As many chances as I get, I like to be offline and off the grid, sometimes I am a social media slave and sometimes I am a happy go lucky hippy child that tries his best to stay away from technology.

The chances are, however, far and few between which is why I have been inspired to create a far less toxic social media platform that will force people to live their lives offline in order to succeed and prosper online.

Social Media: Where can people find you?

Instagram –


Facebook – omegah

Website –

What can we expect from you in the future?

Recently I formed part of a team which is creating a global council which has already received a lot of investor attention. We are creating a platform that looks to help start-ups in this country seek investment as well as accelerate their initiatives within our in-house core.

We are still in the process of packaging, but we will be having amazing events where we will be sharing love and knowledge into the world.

We also want to eventually make a blockchain tax paying application that will aim to allow people to see and vote as to where their tax paying money goes to. It might sound like a longshot but I am sure we can do it, especially at this rate of progress that we are currently moving at now.

We are also looking to list some of our initiatives as ICOs so that we can look at giving the public an opportunity to invest in this venture and receive awards as we grow and develop.

Remember the whole idea is trying to figure out how to destabilise geographical power systems in effort of redistributing power back into the hands of everyone on the planet.

Anything else you would like to share?

If you bring love into all aspects of your life, relationships, fear etc., you would have found a cheat code that will allow you transmute any sense of negativity within your life.

There is always more than meets the eye, the question is; are your eyes open?


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  1. Wow this is a great article! South Africa getting back on track with the world. Love the positivity thats been created and shared for all!

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