How many of the things you put on your 2020 Bucket List has changed course? (My Bucket List 2020)

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What is on your Bucket List?

I initially thought it would be better not sharing my “100 Things to do this Year” list because I planned to reveal each item as and when I accomplished them. But with the proceedings of this year, I decided that maybe noting the items here, would be a form of manifestation in hopes that it will come true, and I would have the opportunities of making each of them a reality. Even if it’s not this year.

What also helped in the decision to note these here, was the hope that it would inspire you to make a list and turn them into reality as well…

  1. River Rafting
  2. Create, write and put out more content (Photographs and Videos)
  3. Hot-air balloon ride
  4. Pay off loan
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. New job/ position
  7. Take a pottery class
  8. Read more books. At least 4 this year
  9. See a new country (Greece, Canada, USA)
  10. Go Shooting (At the gun range)
  11. New car (something more off-road)
  12. Better financial planning and saving funds
  13. Property investment
  14. Sing Karaoke
  15. Advanced driving course
  16. Photograph a night portrait (Sky + stars + moon) w/ slow shutter speed
  17. Get fit (lose a few kgs)
  18. Do the splits
  19. Grow all my hair to one length and (super) long
  20. Horse-riding on the beach
  21. A Bulls-eye with a bow and arrow
  22. Host a hippie picnic w/ flower crowns in a garden
  23. Organize my closets
  24. International holiday with the entire family
  25. Zip-lining / canopy tours
  26. Back-up my footage and create albums (HDD)
  27. Concert / Backstage
  28. Paint a picture / Colour by numbers
  29. Dentist = perfect smile
  30. Finish writing my book and Short stories
  31. Build a shelf for my snow-globes
  32. Create the ‘self-love – affirmations’ booklets
  33. Launch new Merch + Find a seamstress
  34. Go on a dog-friendly holiday
  35. Create a photo wall
  36. Sign up for more charity funds and link to funds for Merch
  37. Plant some trees and flowers (at least 12)
  38. Take a Latin dancing course
  39. Live more green, Less plastic
  40. Do more yoga
  41. Create an app (Shopping Navi; Unemployed)
  42. Learn to ride a motorcycle (scrambler, scooter, ATV, etc.)
  43. See more of Africa
  44. Learn more (Video editing, Photography software, etc)
  45. Build a 500-piece puzzle
  46. Fly more =Drone better
  47. Red City Bus (JHB + CT)
  48. Do more Udemy courses
  49. Buy microphone (Rode Wireless Go) = Better quality videos
  50. Learn to play a full song on the piano
  51. Learn to play a full song on Guitar + all major and minor chords
  52. More Random Acts of Kindness
  53. Run a 5km Marathon/ Participate in a Parkrun
  54. Paragliding
  55. Paddle-boarding
  56. Braid all of my hair
  57. Learn to Surf
  58. Volunteer at a shelter for animals
  59. Learn to Scuba-dive
  60. Go snorkelling in SA
  61. Climb Lions Head
  62. Climb Table Mountain
  63. Run-on the beach w/ Duke
  64. Go on a cable cart
  65. Visit Kruger National Park
  66. Laser Hair Removal
  67. Zorbing
  68. More photo-shoots + photo challenges
  69. Read more Quraan
  70. Better my Ibadah
  71. Host more fun activities w/family
  72. Interview my mom about her Life story and her last few weeks with my dad in Mecca
  73. Healthy body, clear skin, healthy mind
  74. Clay-pigeon shooting /laser shooting
  75. Sky dining
  76. Room make-over + home decor and purging
  77. Landscape the backyard
  78. Cook more + Bake more
  79. Buy an electric guitar
  80. PM Degree/ courses
  81. Improve self-care routine
  82. Visit some more places around JHB (Canyons, waterfalls, pot-holes, etc.)
  83. Hire a Brand assistant / Reshoot store products
  84. Build better relationships
  85. The big swing – Magaliesburg
  86. Bunjee jumping
  87. Look into better marketing strategies for the brand
  88. Get a Brazilian hair treatment/ change up my look
  89. Finally dye my hair turquoise
  90. Go-karting adventures
  91. Sorting through the entire home and minimising belongings
  92. Family pantry – better buying habits
  93. Take Duke on a Parkrun
  94. Sky-diving
  95. Be more active on ViewBug
  96. Relocate (Research, Apply, Jobs, etc.)
  97. Learn to read music
  98. Volunteer at places in need/ Donate to more charities
  99. Practice better mindfulness/ meditate/ balance
  100. Upside down House

When I started this Bucket List, I ran out of things to note and I thought I will never get to 100, but now that I have gone through so many different types of things, from small to big, and I could even go beyond these. Like trying to go to bed earlier and working on a healthier sleeping pattern and night-time routine. I also really think about some of the other things I would love to learn and experience. There are endless possibilities when you actually put your mind to it.

I thought that I may as well scrap my 2020 Bucket List because of corona and lockdown restrictions, but if you’ve read my list, there are a bunch of things I can still tick off my list, right in the comfort of my home. This year has not been a waste, unless we deem is so.

With all this added time to spend with ourselves, thinking, imagining how different our lives could be, we should spend out time making every effort to actually do these things.

I hope that seeing this post encourages you all to set goals and live life to the fullest. We don’t always have the opportunities to make it all happen, especially in the times that we plan for, but sometimes life surprises us and grants us something even better than thought was possible. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and always in the right seasons of our lives. We just need to persevere and be patient. Trust in God’s timing because it’s never imperfect.

Go get ’em!

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