Closed. The Bed Shop – This is why you should sleep your way to the top

Closed. The Bed Shop – This is why you should sleep your way to the top

If you clicked on this article hoping to read about anything other than the importance of sleep well then, I hope you’re emoji blushing hard right now. Nonetheless you’re here so why not stay and find out why getting your daily eight hours of zzzz’s is the best thing you can do for your health and yes even your career. 

In case you haven’t noticed, sleep is big business at the moment. As researchers discover more and more about what happens to our bodies while we sleep and the role this knock-out time plays in our lives, the more companies are jumping on the band-wagon to revolutionise and improve the way we sleep. According to a recent consumer survey done by The Bed Shop, 40% of participant said they had trouble sleeping in general. It could be that this has always been the case, but we can’t deny the distraction and stress technology and the quickened pace of our daily lives have put on our sleeping quality. Intense job stress is a reality for many people and it can create a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation that not only influences our personal lives, but also our work. 

This is when maintenance happens

If you think your brain is working hard while you’re awake, then you should see it when you’re a sleep. Obviously, you can’t but trust us it lights up like a light show when we go to bed. Scientists have found that our brain uses this time to repair itself. Toxins (brain fumes) that build up during the day are removed while memories and new information gets consolidated. If we don’t get sufficient sleep, we might find that our brain feels foggy and we struggle to remember. Not great for optimum work performance. 

It prevents stress and burnout

You know that memory consolidation, well that goes for emotions and problems as well. The brain uses this time to process our emotions, difficult decisions and problem that we encounter and experience through the day. ‘Sleeping on’ something difficult really works, and you might find that a problem that seemed stressful or bad yesterday looks better or not that bad after a good night’s rest. If, however we don’t get enough sleep every night then these emotions and stress can snowball into burnout and affect the quality of our work.

So, what are two things you can do to improve your sleep? 

 Give technology a rest

And adopt a few calming habits before you go to sleep. An hour before you go to bed, start avoiding any and all screens. The blue light omitted by your television, tablet, computer and phone send signals to the brain that it’s still ‘day’ and keeps the awake switch still on. Instead try reading an actual book before going to bed, write down your concerns and worries on a piece of paper if you find yourself stressing out about something or take up meditation and calming breathing practices. 

Check your bed and pillows

The estimated lifetime of a mattress is around 7 to 10 years and pillows need to be replaced at least once a year or every 36 months if it’s made of memory foam. When lumps and bumps are showing in the structures and it’s causing you stiffness and aches then it’s a sign that you should say goodbye to your mattress and pillows. The Bed Shop offers a range of affordable mattress and bed sets to suit every budget. When you buy a bed from The Bed Shop you can sleep assured knowing that only the best materials and fabrics available in the market today are selected for the manufacturing of their Dynamic mattresses. 

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Congratulations Cala Scholtz !!

Thank you for your hilarious series of pictures. Hope that you and the little one will have enough, quality sleep with your new set of pillows!

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